UA-23684033-5 OC Spotlight on 80s Superstar Gino Vannelli

OC Spotlight on 80s Superstar Gino Vannelli

We catch up with 80s Superstar Gino Vannelli as he returns to LA for a special concert Saturday, Oct. 12 at the incredible Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. We hear again how he crashed the gates at A&M studios back in the 70s to personally meet Herb Albert (who signed him the next week). And how he went on to record numerous Gold and Platinum records with them into the 90s.  Then how he drifted to Europe and other styles when American music changed. And how he's touring again with continued passion and a catalog of new music covering a wider swath of material and sounds from his original romantic hits to his renewed interest in acoustic jazz and classical singing. As a long time fan of his music, I can honestly say he's never sounded better!

Tickets are going fast for Gino's return to LA this Saturday, Oct. 12 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.  Don't miss it! We'll see you there...