UA-23684033-5 New Non-Invasive Surgery for Prostate Cancer Using UltraSound

New Non-Invasive Surgery for Prostate Cancer Using UltraSound

Too many men my age don't get themselves tested for prostate cancer given their fear of the usual surgery and its side affects for impotency and pain.  No reason any longer here in OC with the Pacific Coast Urology Center's breakthru UltraSound treatment which Dr. Robert Pugash has been pioneering overseas with his patients for years and now offers locally thru his clinics in Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos (now that it's recently been certified here in this country as well). 

Imagine.  A totally non-invasive treatment to destroy prostate cancer cells without the pain and blood loss and long recovery time associated with traditional prostate surgery.  One that focuses ultrasound to travel right thru your body to focus just on the specific cancer area, without the harmful effects of other forms of radiation. It's mind boggling as we discuss this relatively new-to-the-US treatment with Dr. Robert Pugash and his efforts to train and bring this technology to other surgeons across the country thru his separate partnership with HIFU Prostate Services (for "High Intensity Focused Ultrasound").

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