UA-23684033-5 Massive Music Industry Show Returns to Anaheim

Massive Music Industry Show Returns to Anaheim

The massive music industry show known as NAMM (for "National Association of Music Merchandisers") returns to take over the entire Anaheim Convention Center this week, Thursday, Jan. 24-Sunday, Jan. 27 as all the leading manufacturers of guitars, drums and other musical instruments make their way to Orange County for this annual gathering of  the clan. More than just another trade show, it's a musical circus with performances and appearances by many of the leading rock and roll, hip hop and country artists (past and present), along with all the people who work behind the scenes to record their music and put on their performances. 

And in a world where anyone can now make professional recordings in their own home or garage and push that music out to the world thru sites like Soundcloud and Social Media, that industry has never been bigger or more diverse.  Take for example our guest from MUSIC.iLUV, a new app that allows you to perform along with professional tracks or tracks you've recorded, collaborate with other musicians around the world and then share that new creation instantly thru social media. The app even has built in features to help improve the sound and make anyone an instant musician. "An augmented reality social musical app for future artists to create, practice and perform music" in a way never seen before. 

The Music.iLuv app is backed by research done at Harvard University and the University of Southern California on what motivates digital-age kids, how they learn and behave, and what learning processes they prefer and grew out of an original grant by the US National Science Foundation.

Music.iLuv was developed with the expertise of the following esteemed advisors: Robert Cutietta, Professor of Music and Dean of the School of Music and Dance, University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and author of the book, "How to Raise Musical Kids." Dr Umida Avloni, Ph.D. from Uzbek Institute of Arts (USSR). Her expertise is in piano, music theory and composition; Dr Sven Dickinson, Professor and past Chair of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada; and Dr. Sam Heidari, CEO of Quantenna Communications, who is a widely-recognized leader in electrical engineering technology. He serves as an adviser on both business and technology development for the Music.iLuv app. He also provides proven expertise in pitch detection.

Music.iLuv makes it's debut at this year's fascinating NAMM SHOW along with countless other apps, instruments and recording technology. Tune it to hear more!