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Manifest Your Money NOW-Live Event


Check out this latest installment of our OC SPOTLIGHTS series where we interview the most amazing people doing the most incredible things...right here in your own backyard.  This week it's Jenenne Macklin, who's three day workshop on How To Manifest Your Money...NOW is being held on May 26-28 at the Garland Hotel in North Hollywood.  So what's holding you back from achieving your dreams?  Are you ready for the extra thirty years of longevity many of us find at the end our lives?  And if so, how will you pay for it?  What does your retirement look like?  How do you make your financial dreams come true? And how will you know you're finally "there"?  What does "there" look like? All these are topics she and her select group of speakers will help you address over this three day weekend.  Complete with personal coaching and a  personalized road map to financial success.  Go to to learn more.  Or check out this week's edition of the OC SPOTLIGHT...only on Orange County's only community radio station,