UA-23684033-5 Facts and Fears About Covid-19

Facts and Fears About Covid-19

We already know that this coronavirus (marked COVID-19 for the year it was discovered) is more like it's past cousins SARS and MERS and deadlier than the flu.  And because it's new and has crossed over from animals again, we have no natural immunity to it. But what else do we know about this pandemic (at this point in time).  And what are the real fears if we can't slow it down and "flatten the growth curve" (Hint: Lack of hospital beds and ventilators).  Listen to this great summary with well known "medical missionary" and local speaker on Internal Medicine and Geriatrics and Preventive Health Education, Dr. Trinh from Memorial Care (who also works with Alzheimers-OC and Irvine Clinical Research).  On this very informative episode of OC SPOTLIGHT, here on Orange County's only community radio station, OC TALK RADIO.