UA-23684033-5 Bioicide Systems kills smells instead of just covering them up

Bioicide Systems kills smells instead of just covering them up

Why just cover up or mask smells when you can actually kill them completely?  That's what serial entrepreneur JC Baselli asked himself when he stumbled into the smelly world of "odor control".  He'd seen the cheap "christmas trees" people hung in their cars or the heavy sprays they used to mask cigarette smells or other innumerable odors that just wouldn't go away. And what he discovered was the stuff places like fish canneries and slaughterhouses use to kill smells (chlorine dioxide, ClO2). And a triple patented, proprietary process he calls CLO2-DMG that allows the chemicals to remain in their solid, stable state until you mix them together (sort of like a Tide Pod does in washing clothes).  Giving the public access to this amazing compound in a safe, easy and affordable way for the first time that can be shipped on Amazon or sold at places like Home Depot and WalMart.  And thus was born an empire of "smell solutions" from his Auto Shocker and Home Shocker to newer RV Shockers and Marine Shockers as well.j

If you want to hear an amazing entrepreneurial success story in the most unlikely industry, then you'll love this one!  It has that sweet smell of success. As heard on Orange County's only community radio station, #OCTalkRadio




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