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This Weekend’s IRISH FAIR & Music Festival at Great Park

• June 13th, 2019

It's time for the 41st Annual IRISH FAIR and MUSIC FESTIVAL.  A great event at our own GREAT PARK right here in Irvine that takes place June 15th and 16th from 10am-7pm. Join us as we chat with the man behind this Celtic showcase about their dazzling displays of Irish dancing, Irish Music, Irish Wolfhounds and Irish Whiskey (literally "the breath of life" in Gaelic).  Brought to you by the good folks at Guinness ("good for you"as their old Irish ads used to say) and their many other fine sponsors from the Great Park's Five Points Homes to many of our own local pubs (like Costa Mesa's classic Harp, the newer Auld Dubliner and Muldoon's too). 'Tis a day the whole family will enjoy. A classic "ceili" for anyone with any ties to the "old sod" (and those who just wish they were Irish).  A grand affair you won't want to miss and will long remember. Drinking, dancing, singing, sheep herding and storytelling. What more could you ask for a fine Father's Day like this? (free parking too!). Visit to learn more...


Comisario Tequila-World’s Most Awarded Tequila Brand-Part 1

• June 11th, 2019

Join us for the inaugural episode of our new series BUSINESS PULSE RADIO, measuring the heartbeat of business today with real entrepreneurs discussing the many methods to start and grow their businesses today. Starting with Luis Cota, President and CEO of Elite Beverage discussing their ultra premium tequila, Comisario Tequila (the most awarded tequila brand in the world).  Only on Orange County's only business channel, OC Talk Radio.


Music and More at “The Muck”

• May 7th, 2019

Pleased to have Farrell Hirsch, the Chief Executive Officer of Fullerton's beloved Muckenthaler Cultural Museum (affectionately known as "The Muck") in to discuss all that's going on in at one of Orange County's overlooked treasures. Commissioned at an original cost of $35,000, the Muckenthaler home was built by Walter and Adella Muckenthaler in 1924 atop a hill in Fullerton. The 18-room, 8.5-acres mansion was donated to the city in 1965 by Harold Muckenthaler, who wished to see his childhood home used as a cultural center for the public.  Known as popular site for weddings and parties, not everyone knows about it's many arts programs and exhibits as well. Nor the many music concerts held in its outdoor amphitheater, like the upcoming performance by legendary band leader Doc Severinsen on May 9. And the six Thursday night concerts that make up their annual JAZZ FESTIVAL May 16-June 20th.  So quit "mucking around" and make your way to to learn more. And check out their 25th annual Motor Car Festival as well May 18 and 19th. For whether it's "cool" or "hot", it's probably happening at Fullerton's Muckenthaller Cultural Museum...


Don’t miss OC’s LARGEST MIXER Thursday, March 28

• March 27th, 2019

Don't miss OC's LARGEST MIXER this Thursday, March 28 from 4-8pm at the OC Fairgrounds. With 15+ local chambers of commerce and 130+ other business booths to visit and learn from. Plus full networking area and free business seminars (including one from OC TALK RADIO on "The Power of Podcasting").  Stop by and say "hi" as we'll be live streaming from there as well. Visit LARGEST to learn more...


Junior Hack-a-Thon w/Boys and Girls Club of Central OC

• March 14th, 2019

Learn more about the upcoming Junior Hack-A-Thon put together by TECHNOSSUS at their HQ (corner of Main and Von Karman) from 10am-4pm, sponsored by HYUNDAI CAPITAL and UCI Center for Digital Transformation for the Boys and Girls Club of Central OC this Saturday, March 16. And meet the future "coders" of Orange County. See you there! 


Don’t miss the next CIGAR NIGHT-BIZ MIXER GROUP-OC FEB 13 at Tustin’s WINERY

• January 31st, 2019

Pick up some amazing tips from Master Networker, John Dade (founder of THE CIGAR NIGHT-BUSINESS MIXER GROUP-OC ) on THE RAAD LIFE as he talks about the phenomenal growth of this group and how important it is to still "meet people", physically "press the flesh" and share a low key/high engagement experience with local business owners and executives (like you). So whether you crave cigars or just want to try something different, make plans to attend their next smokin' Business Networking Event Feb 13 @ The Winery in Tustin. We'll see you there!


Massive Music Industry Show Returns to Anaheim

• January 22nd, 2019

The massive music industry show known as NAMM (for "National Association of Music Merchandisers") returns to take over the entire Anaheim Convention Center this week, Thursday, Jan. 24-Sunday, Jan. 27 as all the leading manufacturers of guitars, drums and other musical instruments make their way to Orange County for this annual gathering of  the clan. More than just another trade show, it's a musical circus with performances and appearances by many of the leading rock and roll, hip hop and country artists (past and present), along with all the people who work behind the scenes to record their music and put on their performances. 

And in a world where anyone can now make professional recordings in their own home or garage and push that music out to the world thru sites like Soundcloud and Social Media, that industry has never been bigger or more diverse.  Take for example our guest from MUSIC.iLUV, a new app that allows you to perform along with professional tracks or tracks you've recorded, collaborate with other musicians around the world and then share that new creation instantly thru social media. The app even has built in features to help improve the sound and make anyone an instant musician. "An augmented reality social musical app for future artists to create, practice and perform music" in a way never seen before. 

The Music.iLuv app is backed by research done at Harvard University and the University of Southern California on what motivates digital-age kids, how they learn and behave, and what learning processes they prefer and grew out of an original grant by the US National Science Foundation.

Music.iLuv was developed with the expertise of the following esteemed advisors: Robert Cutietta, Professor of Music and Dean of the School of Music and Dance, University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and author of the book, "How to Raise Musical Kids." Dr Umida Avloni, Ph.D. from Uzbek Institute of Arts (USSR). Her expertise is in piano, music theory and composition; Dr Sven Dickinson, Professor and past Chair of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada; and Dr. Sam Heidari, CEO of Quantenna Communications, who is a widely-recognized leader in electrical engineering technology. He serves as an adviser on both business and technology development for the Music.iLuv app. He also provides proven expertise in pitch detection.

Music.iLuv makes it's debut at this year's fascinating NAMM SHOW along with countless other apps, instruments and recording technology. Tune it to hear more!


Find a Financial Coach

• December 8th, 2018

If you're wealthy enough, you can hire a financial or investment adviser. But what if you just need someone to help you along in your own financial planning?  Then you need a financial coach.  Similar to a fitness coach, they help improve the fitness of your finances by showing you better moves, teaching you how to execute them properly and then holding you accountable for getting it down.  Listen to this week's episode of CLOSING THE WEALTH GAP to learn more of this new, low cost category of financial advise. Sort of like LEGAL ZOOM (but for finances).


A New Twist on Crowdfunding for Those in Need

• November 10th, 2018

Listen as wealth manager Tyrone French talks with United Success Network about their unique "help those in need" crowdfunding platform. Here on Orange County's only community radio station,


002-Don’t fear FINAL EXPENSES

• October 25th, 2018

Why are we so afraid of planning for final expenses?  It's not like we can avoid them by just putting them off. Is it just because we're part of the Peter Pan generation and never going to get old? Or do we just think we can't afford to cover them in advance.  Tune in as financial planner Tyrone French talks us thru this taboo topic and shows us how we can (for a few bucks now) buy everlasting peace. On this week's installment of CLOSING THE WEALTH GAP. Only on


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